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Joy, peace, contentment; all of us want these. To be heard, understood and loved; these are great goals in life. Sad, hurt, confused… nothing is working… someone or something has knocked your life puzzle into pieces and you may be having a hard time putting it back together.

Possibly this is where you are: death has claimed a loved one, a relationship is becoming progressively worse, something was done to you or there is something you did, life altering trauma, internal struggles such as fear, stress, anger, or a desire to ‘do’ you better, loss of place – job, health, loss of voice, defeat and exhaustion: you are not alone.

Is there addiction in your family? You are not alone coping with the daily crisis and anxiety.

Providing you with safe, confidential counseling support during this time in your life is my goal. Every effort will be made to ensure that your experience here is beneficial. Information on this web site is provided for you to decide your next step; to put the puzzle pieces of your life on the table. If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them with me.

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Complete the required forms (See Forms) and bring to the first appointment. At that time, we will talk about the information you shared and best next steps.

What our clients are saying

Testimonial 1

I was introduced to Cinny after the recent, traumatic death of my daughter. I was completely hopeless and I thought no one could understand my pain.
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Testimonial 2

Cinny Roy is a dear friend who is wise beyond words. She has the personality of sunshine and makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the world! You want to be with her all the time. I highly recommend her!  Sarah C 

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