Initial phone conversation for 15 minutes has no fee. If you would like to begin counseling, complete the required forms (See scheduling appointment link) and send them before the first appointment. At that appointment, we will talk about the information you shared and best next steps. We will not begin EMDR the first time we meet.

Individual Session cost is $80.00. Couple session cost is $110.00. Payments may be made by cash (you will receive a receipt) or check. There is a $25 charge for a returned check. If you need to receive assistance by telephone, a charge of $50.00 will be incurred if the conversation is longer than 10 minutes, and a charge of $80.00 for a conversation longer than 30 minutes. This will be due at the next in person appointment.

Federal guidelines now require disclosure of projected cost for mental health counseling. Please contact me to discuss further.

If you are regularly attending Every Nation Cincinnati church (, there is a reduced rate. Please contact me for further information.